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As the months passed, at the beginning of 1941, the politicized Club Recreativo de Almería did not have the support of the population for various reasons, one of them being its predilection for bullfighting, and the authorities thought of putting prestigious people at the head of the club to pull the cart, but this was not successful and before the summer arrived, the club had been dissolved.

On February 26, 1947 the Unión Deportiva Almería was definitively constituted by uniting the two main clubs of the city, forming a Board of Directors in which José Aznar Jurado was president, Alfredo Esteller Rodríguez vice-president, Pedro Martínez Romero was the accountant and José Villalobos Valdivia the treasurer, It was unanimously decided that the new society would wear a red and white shirt with blue pants and that the shield would bear these colors and the symbolism of the municipal coat of arms, in addition to using the Falange Stadium, a very recently built stadium inaugurated on April 21, 1946, as its ground.

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Sevilla FC is seduced by the idea of having Umar Sadiq for next season. His twenty-two goals with UD Almeria and Monchi’s extensive knowledge of the former Roma player are reasons enough for this interest not to catch more than one by surprise.

This trident of teams are currently the clubs that are in the fight for Umar Sadiq. However, Sevilla FC is the one that shows the greatest interest of the three, besides being the preferred option of the Nigerian to solve his future. Despite this privilege, the Sevillian club must not lose sight of its rivals in the operation. In the nervionense entity already know the price and the rest of candidates who seek Sadiq.  The final decision remains in the hands of Monchi and his ability to get a price in line with what Sevilla FC wants to invest in him in the transfer market.

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These qualities do not go unnoticed by many of the technical secretariats of Europe. At the time, Barça and Newcastle asked for the player, and now Sevilla are back in the market for a player that Monchi has been interested in for some time.

The main stumbling block for the interested clubs is Sadiq’s clause and the lack of flexibility of the club’s leaders in the negotiations. The offers that the club has received are around 20 million euros and all of them have been rejected. Turki Al-Alsheikh, president of UD Almeria, is adamant and is asking for 60 million euros for the Nigerian striker. The player has a contract until 2025 and if Sevilla wants to get his services, his offer will have to be close to that figure.

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